About Us


We are an online chess academy that aims to train professional chess players regardless of age, through the development of their reasoning, understanding, concentration and analysis skills that allow them to achieve the desired profile. We also want to promote the training of honest, responsible and competitive players at national and international level, so that they have a good sports attitude.


Each of these values are important for the growth of us and the students of our academy:

  • Passion for the game.
  • Responsibility.
  • Teamwork.
  • Competitiveness.
  • Order.
  • Respect for fair play and the rules of chess.

What we offer?

First we will start with the initial evaluation (goals, objectives and expectations) of each student, detailed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each one, develop a training plan around their improvement, monthly evaluation and level assessment, to be able to apply:

  • Tactical vision and positional understanding of positions.
  • Theoretical knowledge of the openings and defenses of your preference as well as typical plans.
  • Model games to fully understand what is at stake.
  • Game analysis with comments to learn from mistakes.
  • Theory and practice of endings starting from the basic to the most complex.
  • Planning and execution of the half game.

Tools for training

Any source of chess information, but essential is needed:

  • Dedication, self-critical ability and the desire to improve yourself in the immense world of 64 squares.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Account on skype, teamviewer, discord.
  • Microphone, bugles or headphones.
  • Account on chess platforms such as Lichess or Chess.com
  • PGN format reader (Chessbase, Fritz, Komodo, ChessAssistant, Houdini, etc…) for the assignments and content to be processed.

The Tres Reyes team

Tres Reyes Academy is possible thanks to the support and effort of different people, therefore there is a team that remains active in different tasks. This is led by 3 people, who fulfill the main role of directing, managing and organizing the team:

CM Lorner Acosta

Leader and Coach

CM Reivis Brizuela

Leader and Coach

FM Ronald Brizuela

Leader and Coach

Additionally, we have 6 main collaborators who help us with different tasks, such as writing articles for the website, translations of the same, participation in events, design of visual media, administration of the website, among others:

Miqueas Martinez

Collaborator: Development and Design

NE David Perdomo

Collaborator: Translator and Psychologist

WFM Jessica Herrera

Collaborator: Trainer and Translator

NM Juan Perdomo

Collaborator: Editor and Preparer

Libnaim Martinez

Collaborator: Social Networks and Media

FM Gabriel Salazar

Collaborator: Trainer and Editor