End of the Norway Chess: Magnus Carlsen Unbeatable Champion

Between June 3rd and 14th, the ALTIBOX NORWAY CHESS is being played, it is a tournament of 10 participants where they are playing: Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan), Fabiano Caruana (USA), Ding Liren (China), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France), Viswanathan Anand (India), Levon Aronian (Armenia), Yu Yangyi (China), Wesley So (USA) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia).

The tournament is played over 9 rounds. The playing time is 120 minutes per player with an increase of 10 seconds per play. If the game ends in a draw the players must play a sudden death playoff game. The pace of play of this system is 10 minutes for White and 7 minutes for Black, with an increase of 3 seconds for both sides from move 61.

Victory in the main game is worth 2 points, defeat in the main game is worth 0 points, a draw in the main game and a victory in the sudden death game is worth 1.5 points and finally a draw in the main game and a defeat in the sudden death game is worth 0.5 points.

Tournament Summary

After finishing the 9th round the current world champion Magnus Carlsen is the winner of the great Altibox Norway Chess tournament which he won with 13.5 out of a possible 18 points. He won 2 games in the classic rhythm and 6 games in the tiebreaker rhythm before being defeated by his great American opponent Fabiano Caruana. In the 2nd place there was a double draw by the Armenian Levon Aronian and the Chinese Yu Yangyi in which Aronian is above Yu thanks to the tiebreaker system. Followed in 4th and 5th place by the young Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So representing the American flag.


1Carlsen, MagnusGM2875 2½-1½-0½-1½-1½-1½-1½-1213½
2Yu, YangyiGM27380 ½-0½-10½-1½-1½-12210½
3Aronian, LevonGM2752½-0½-1 0½-1½-1½-0½-12½-110½
4Caruana, fabianoGM2819½-1½-02 ½-002½-1½-0½-110
5Entonces, WesleyGM2754½-02½-0½-1 ½-0½-1½-0½-1½-110
6Ding, LirenGM2805½-0½-0½-02½-1 ½ 0½-02½-0
7Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeGM2779½-0½-0½-10½-0½-1 ½-0½-1½-18
8Anand viswanathanGM2767½-0½-0½-0½-0½-1½-1½-1 0½-18
9Mamedyarov, ShakhriyarGM2774½-000½-1½-00½-02 ½-0
10Grischuk, AlexanderGM277500½-0½-0½-0½-1½-0½-0½-1 

Tie-breaking System

  • Sonneborn Berger
  • Highest number of wins
  • Higher number of victories with black

Classic Games in PGN format
Tie-break games in PGN format

Tournament Photo Gallery

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